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Environmental Solicitors for Law Firms

We are regularly instructed by other solicitors, who require expert assistance on environmental law. We can offer high quality collaborative advice to professional clients and/ or their lay clients at reasonable rates. We are happy to provide either direct or ‘white label’ advice, whichever you prefer.

We can support your in-house legal or specialist environmental team as required. We are able to provide advice and assistance on the full range of environmental law and regulation. These include land contamination, Environmental Permits, waste issues, prosecutions by the Environment Agency or local authority, advice on environmental searches and surveys, drafting & amending clauses or policies, due diligence, attending interviews under caution or environmental risk management and insurance.

Case studies

A long standing client of another law firm was being investigated for the incorrect disposal of some hazardous waste. This was outside that law firm’s expertise. We provided initial advice to the law firm and suggested a way forward. After assisting the client with the information gathering exercise we then attended an interview under caution with the regulator. With our assistance the client was able to demonstrate that they were not at fault and no charges were brought.

A company was in the first stages of thinking about selling to a rival company. They wanted to ensure they had the best possible chance of maximising the sale price. Their solicitors used us to provide advice on what were appropriate levels of information to provide the prospective buyer, commission environmental consultants to prepare the necessary environmental due diligence reports and organise the environmental section of the virtual data room. Our expertise in environmental law meant the lead law firm were able to concentrate on their areas of expertise, ensuring the client received top quality advice on all aspects of the transaction.



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