We aim to provide excellent and cost-effective services to NGOs, campaign groups and charities in the running of these organisations, their campaigns and the issues that matter to them the most.

We understand that taking the decision to seek legal advice can sometimes not only be financially daunting, but is also unavoidable. Our particular expertise in offering services to charities and campaign groups means that we have the necessary experience in providing high quality, cost effective legal services.

Conditional Fee Agreements “No-Win, No-Fee”

We sometimes take on cases on a conditional fee basis (known as “no-win, no-fee”). This means that you will only have to pay our fees if you win your case. But should you win, our fees will generally be recovered from your opponent. If you lose your case you would not have to pay our fees, but you may be liable to pay for your opponent’s costs. However, this arrangement is often combined with a special insurance called “after-the-event” cover, which pays for your opponent’s costs in the event your case is not decided in your favour. Detailed advice on the best financial options will be given to you during your first consultation with us.

Fixed Fees

To provide you with certainty over costs, we can offer a fixed fee arrangement so you can be sure that regardless of the outcome of your matter, you will not pay any more than the agreed fee.

Pro Bono

In exceptional circumstances, we provide services on a “pro bono” (free of charge) basis.


Please contact us to arrange for an initial consultation on 020 7826 8520 or by email.