We have particular experience in advising NGOs, campaign groups, charities and other not-for-profit organisations. This experience includes co-ordinating a number of different interest groups within complex legal actions. We are committed to providing excellent and cost-effective legal services to these groups, with particular sensitivity to the financial pressures that these groups may face.

Our Experience

  • Advising environmental and other campaign groups on the legal aspects of campaigns; and on using law to advance campaign aims.
  • Advising campaign groups on proposed changes in the law, and on legal aspects of consultations.
  • Advising on governance and other activities.
  • Advising NGO clients in civil cases involving trespass, damage to property and disruption as part of protests.
  • Advising an environmental campaign group in a successful protest against works in woodland and natural habitats during the nesting season.


We advise charitable clients on the requirements of charity law, and on their dealings with the Charity Commission. Our clients include local community and interest groups, charitable trusts, charitable housing associations and registered social housing providers, along with larger well established charities. We provide a range of services to ensure the good governance and smooth running of charitable organisations.

Our Experience

  • Charitable governance.
  • Creation and registration of new charities.
  • Fundraising for charities, grant agreements and funding.
  • Regulatory powers of the Charity Commission, including those related to counter terrorism.
  • Campaigning by charities.
  • Charities operating outside the UK. 

Leading Cases

Details of our leading cases can be found here.

NGOs & Charity News

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